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Our Story


Innovate with Virtue


InoVirtue was founded in this field of tension in the first Covid lockdown in 2021 with the vision of supporting people in these changed environments to connect effectively with each other, to develop new technical solutions for this, and to establish new platforms that put people at the centre and support more effective living and working together.

InoVirtue enables creators, brands, artists, publishers, agencies and businesses of all sizes to create their own online ecosystems, connect with their audience and monetise their passion.

about us

Millions of people today operate more digitally, have developed better skills to use creative digital ways to improve their way of life, as consumers or providers of services, a century of momentum to develop new services and offerings that make it easier for people around the world to live together more productively and ergonomically.

Catalyse Covid changes into new business opportunities

The service commerce tool challenge

Especially people who earn their living as knowledge workers, taskers, freelancers or creators provide services that cannot simply be mapped or delivered via a reservation and shop system as in the e-commerce sector. 

We build digital businesses that impact


InoVirtue develops business automation platform and portal solutions (PAAS solutions) for these service providers in which service offers can be searched, booked and paid for with just a few clicks.  In addition, services can be delivered directly via the provider profile as stream, download or premium chat service. Service providers are thus helped to monetise their competencies with as little friction as possible. 

Digitaler Nomade

With our philosophy of simplifying complexity, increasing productivity and focusing on features that enable easy self-determined connection between millions of service providers and potential customers, InoVirtue Solutions is making a valuable contribution to society in overcoming these challenges and in the process to a better way of life.

Progress for a better life

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