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InoVirtue Team

We are proud of our international team that lives innovation and change and love to pursue innovative projects and approaches to see simple ideas become successful businesses. 

We are your reliable partner for digital solutions that impact - developed by experts.


Let's create impact together

Recep Özay
CPO, Co-Founder

Recep has over 20 years' experience developing  digital products


His professional track reccord is across in Banking, Payment, Trading and Marketing beeing expert in start-up incubation, where he was heavily involved in company formation, building & running and visionary product development.

Recep has not only founded his own businesses, but he has also supported a variety of business as a consultant with their product launches and brands till exit or IPO.

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Mark O'Meagher
, Co-Founder

Mark has been developing enterprise-grade web applications for 25 years, working in large corporations, for start-ups, founders and as  entrepreneur in energy, media and entertainment, e-commerce, legal and FinTech sectors.


Mark believes that a great team and teamwork are a company's greatest assets. To build high performing teams, he focuses on trust and integrity for his teams and stakeholders, to build great products that put customers and their online safety first.  To do this, he brings his extensive SaaS and PaaS experience, such as building white-label energy trading, e-commerce, FX and payments platforms.

At IV, he has the opportunity to build a new platform from scratch: For Mark, this was the perfect opportunity that he couldn't pass up as he gets to build the team and shape his work environment.

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Dr. Boris Mariacher
Corporate Affairs

Boris  is international highly connected and reputated investor and advisor and co-founded InoVirtue.  He is specialist in the areas of corporate law and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) as well as private equity and venture capital investments. Boris has a strong track record in a multitude of company acquisitions in TECH, Pharma, MedTech , Retail and others. 


Boris has advised well-known venture capital companies regarding investment in the internet and other industry segments. Since 1998 he was a legal advisor in several initial public offering (IPO’s) processes mostly in the new market. 


Fabian Esterl-Gross
User Experience

Fabian's mission is to create great experiences for people and meaningful connections for our users, as he has previously proven in the FinTech, health and agency environments. With an unbeatable creative team by his side, there is plenty of room to learn, grow and create.

As with any business, it's about making as few mistakes as possible and learning from the mistakes you make to create something of value. 

For Fabian, there is nothing more important than working openly and transparently with his team on these challenges, always being loyal and open about things he hates and loves, so that together they can contribute to a fair and open-minded working environment with clear expectations to achieve the best results for clients.

  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis

Olaf Garleja

Software Engineer

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Kamil Marek

Lead Test Engineer

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Wiktor Durda

Frontend Developer

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Piotr Krukowski

DevOps Engineer

Luca 2024.jpg

Luca Stillkrauth

Visual Production Manager

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Julian 2024.jpg

Julian Dreher

Jr. Visual Production Manager

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Jens Stahmann


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Sarah Hoffmann

Brand & Customer Leader

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Darya Maroz (Head of Marketing).jpg

Darya Maroz


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